Our Approach

We believe that having the RIGHT PHOTOS is a crucial component for reducing dating site rejection rates. We also believe that having the best pics for dating profiles can make your experience more enjoyable..and even lead to love. But it starts with Getting your Photos Right.

Photo Example of GOOD profile photo for person over 50.


Our Story

I’m Connie May, MHST, a photographer, health researcher and midlife-dating profile / dating site coach.  I help people work out their PRESENTATION modes and SEARCH STRATEGIES to help reduce their failure rates.

  • This requires some honest coaching and a willingness to change.
  • If you’re open to advice, then contact me using the contact form.

After years of taking great photos that turned people’s profile HIT vs MISS rates in a more positive direction, I’m now bringing this knowledge to users all over the globe.

Using ZOOM meetings, FACETIME, FACEBOOK video or Skype, or in person photo sessions in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, I help people put their best FACE forward.

With the RIGHT photography and profile pic selections.


Connie May, MHST

Founder & CEO, Lead Photographer and Profile Writer

Dating Site Search Strategy Coach 

Next Steps…

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